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An Overview On The Working Of The Traffic Points System In Arizona

Interviewer: How does the points system work? How does the points system work in Arizona?

Acacia Law Group Lawyer: In Arizona, the point system works as … Depending on the violation, they assign a certain amount of points. Speeding is worth 3 points; DUIs, aggressive driving, reckless driving, exhibitionist speed, and racing are all worth 8 points; if there’s a fatality involved, like at the red light, 6 points; and everything else is 2 points. Now, the big one that I mentioned is the red light because the red light violation requires traffic survival school. Generally, you only have to go to traffic survival school when you get 8 points or a serious violation of DUI. They made an exception with red lights because Arizona considers running a red light to be a very serious offence, so the only way to beat that is to reduce it to a lesser violation, or get defensive driving, or beat the ticket completely. That’s the probably severest penalty of red lights.

Once a Motorist Accumulates 8 Points, they’re Required to Attend Traffic Survival School

As I mentioned earlier, once you reach 8 points they require you to go to traffic survival school. If you’re not eligible, they suspend you for 3 months. The next set of points is, I think it’s 13. I’ll have to check on that, but it’s automatic … It actually might be 12, where it suspends for automatically. You don’t get the option of going to traffic survival school. Then it gets to the point where if you get it within 3 years of, I think it gets 24 points  they can revoke your license for one year. That’s the thing. The points only stay on for 1 year, but they make an exception where they will, if you get 24 points in 3 years, then they will revoke your license for 1 year, so it’s kind of a 1 or 3-year thing.

An Attorney Can Check and See How Many Points a Client Has Accumulated

Interviewer: Could an attorney check for people how many points they had, and pull up their driver record for them?

Acacia Law Group Lawyer: I can get the ability to do that, it’s very easy. You would just check your DMV record online; you just go to the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department website, or California website. I can’t actually access the Arizona one unless I had the power of attorney, and it’s their privacy in Arizona. So, they would have to do that on their own and get a copy – I think it usually costs about $2 or $3, it’s not much – and they can then show it to me, and then I can find out how many points they have.

The Different Levels of License Suspension or Revocation in Arizona

Interviewer: What are the different levels of license suspension or revocation?

Acacia Law Group Lawyer: The first one is if you’re dealing with just a suspension for the red light. If you’re not eligible for traffic survival school, it will suspend you for 3 months, which means 2 red light violations, you will have your license suspended, if it’s within 2 years. And then, I said at 8 points it’s the same thing. If you don’t have traffic survival school eligibility, your license will be also suspended 3 months, or if it gets above 12, it’s automatic. Then It goes up to 6 months suspension after that for a – there’s a bit in the middle – and then a 1-year revocation, as I mentioned, within 3 years. The penalties get more severe, obviously, but the DUI is the one exception there. They will automatically suspend your license as an Admin Per Se suspension if you are above the legal limit.

In Arizona Certain Traffic Offenses Can Result in Suspension or Revocation of Driving Privileges

Interviewer: Are there any other traffic infractions like that, where you could lose your license?

Acacia Law Group Lawyer: Actually, there are. Here is an interesting one in Arizona, which I’ve had to help out in California – and other people don’t know this – is in Arizona, if you fail to produce proof of insurance, your license will be suspended, and most people don’t know that. Usually they can just pay the ticket and be done with it, oh well. It’s an expensive ticket, but sometimes it’s still not worth the time. They just pay it and they think they’re done. That’s not the case in Arizona. Your license is suspended if you fail to produce it, and then, when you go to renew, you’re required to not only show proof of insurance, you have to get what’s called SR-22 Insurance, which basically puts everybody on radar that you are a bad driver. The penalties can be severe, and the only way around that is if you actually go to court and write a motion explaining … There is a law provision to remove the suspension or waive the penalties, provided that you purchased insurance, and that way not have to deal with the suspension or SR-22. But, if you just go pay the ticket and think you’re done with it, you might be in for a big surprise the next time you get a ticket and told your license is suspended.

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